Welcome to Finland - The happiest nation in the world 2018!

We will book capacity from some hotels near campus area, along the metro line in Espoo and hotels in downtown Helsinki. Also affordable accommodation options (for example for students) will be available. Please not that these capacity bookings expire maybe months before the conference.

We warmly welcome you to Helsinki and Espoo. Helsinki is easy to reach from everywhere, there are plenty of airways. Helsinki is also compact and functional; the public transport system works well (for example 10 minutes from Helsinki Railway Station to Aalto University by metro and there are no big traffic jams. Helsinki is modern, safe, friendly and interesting. The majestic shoreline, archipelago, parks, forests... Helsinki is one of the few capital cities in the world where nature is so close, even in the heart of the city!

How about Reindeer Park Visit?

We are also happy to suggest you a tour to the Nuuksio National Park (about 45 minutes transfer) to get to know more about the Finnish nature and visit a reindeer park where you can feed reindeers and have coffee by open fire in a Lappish kota. Or perhaps you would like to choose a trip neighbouring countries such as Estonia, Sweden.

The long, sunny June evenings encourage to stay out and explore the Helsinki area. With almost 200 km of coastline and hundreds of islands, the sea is central in Helsinki and Espoo. Please see below a list of popular attractions in Helsinki and Espoo