Best Presentation Awards

Presenters Name Paper Title Affiliation
Simon Stock Reinforcement Learning based Coordination of Virtual Inertia Provision from Inverter-dominated Distribution Grids Hamburg University of Technology
Keiten Han Proposal and implementation of k-anonymization method for data insertion and deletion Keio University
Yang Wei An Efficient and Secure DAG-based LoRaWAN System City University of Hong Kong
Ties van der Heijden Closed-loop simulation testing of a probabilistic DR framework for Day Ahead Market participation applied to Battery Energy Storage Systems Delft University of Technology
Shourya Bose On LinDistFlow Model Congestion Pricing: Bounding the Changes in Power Tariff University of California Santa Cruz
Christoph Binder From Model to Implementation: Engineering of flexible Production Systems with RAMI 4.0 Josef Ressel Centre for Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering
Malte Ramonat Method for Automatic Simulation Model Calibration and Maintenance for Brownfield Process Plants Helmut Schmidt University
Miguel Tradacete Ágreda High-performance IoT Module for controlling and testing PV panels University of Alcalá
Yoshihiro Maeda Frequency-Domain Modeling-Free Iterative Learning Control for Point-To-Point Motion Nagoya Institute of Technology
Alvaro Iribarren Zabalegui Asymmetrical firing angle modulation for 12-pulse thyristor rectifiers supplying high-power electrolyzers Public University of Navarre