Technical Tracks

  1. New Technologies for Electric Transportation

    Yigeng Huangfu and Giambattista Gruosso and Zedong Zheng and Ritesh Kumar Keshri
  2. Electric Energy Storage Systems

    Bharat Balagopal and Federico Baronti and Fei Gao and Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio
  3. Power Systems and the Smart Grid, Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Grid

    Andrea Benigni and Thomas Strasser and Joao Martins and Javier Contreras and Hossein Farahmand
  4. Electrical Machines and Drives

    Shafigh Nategh and Thomas Wolbank and Marko Hinkkanen and Jose Antonino-Daviu and Bruno de Oliveira e Sousa
  5. Power Electronics & Energy Conversion

    Antonio Cardoso and Chi-Seng Lam and Oscar Lucia
  6. Control Systems

    Hao Luo and Lei Ding and Bin Zhang and Gianluca Rizzello
  7. Motion Control, Robotics and Mechatronics

    Kenta Seki and Gabor Sziebig and Valentin Ivanov and Mihoko Niitsuma and Tomasz Kucner
  8. Instrumentation, Sensors, Actuators, Systems Integration and Nano-Technology

    Emre Sariyildiz and Hiroaki Nishi and Carmen Aracil and Yunjia Li
  9. Signal and Image Processing and Computational Intelligence

    Alin Tisan and Alessia Saggese and Khan Muhammad
  10. Industrial Informatics: Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI, Informatics and Software Engineering

    Yan Zhang and Daswin de Silva and Yudong Zhang and Marco Porta
  11. Intelligent Factory Automation

    Moris Behnam and Bilal Ahmad and Paulo Leitao and Antoni Grau
  12. ICT and AI Enabling Smart Cities, Buildings, Transport, Agriculture, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

    Kim Fung Tsang and Lei Shu and Jan Haase and Chen-Wei Yang
  13. Human Centric ICT Enabling Smart Medicine, Assistive Robotics, Security, Education and Ethics

    Geng Yang and Hao Wang and Larisa Dunai and Jinhua She