Visa requirements for Finland

Everyone entering Finland (member of the European Union and is a part of the Schengen area) must have a valid passport. Iif traveling within the Schengen Area, EU countries and Switzerland, a photo identification complying with EU standards and allowing international travel will be needed. Please check what kind of ID is required by your airline carrier before travelling. Some airlines within Europe will only accept passport identification.

Visas are required by delegates travelling from some countries. We would encourage all delegates to check the requirements for their originating country, please contact the nearest Finnish Embassy for further information. There’s also more information on visa requirements for Finland, please visit website

Please note that every delegate applies for own visa.

Need a Invitation letter?

You will receive a proof of registration soon after the registration fee has been received. The confirmation document will serve as your invitation letter when applying for the visa. If you need a formal letter of invitation, it can be provided by the ISIE 2023 organization, please contact us.

Letters of invitation will be sent in PDF format to the email address provided. Please give your name in format needed for application, all information you need for letter (for example title, affiliation etc. if needed) also give the name and number of your paper.

ISIE 2023 organizing committee also reserves the right to ask for further information to ensure the validity of requests.

Please note that ISIE 2023 organizing committee is not responsible to start the process for visa application, we will only be sending the invitation letter. You make your own visa application.