SS 03 - Data-driven safe control and monitoring for autonomous robotic systems

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    Principle Organizer:

    Name: Renjie Ma


    Affiliations: State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems, Harbin Institute of Technology

    Co-Organizer 1:

    Name: Zhijian Hu


    Affiliations: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

    Co-Organizer 2:

    Name: Bing Yan


    Affiliations: The University of Adelaide

Call for Papers


The prevalence of computation cores integrated with physical processes boosts the developments of autonomous intelligent robots, which are tangibly interacted with operational environments, humans and other robots as well as adapt to complex dynamical uncertainties leading to enormous potentials on targeted therapy and deep space exploration. Note that the crux of capture, tracking and stretch of robot lies in the feasible motion control, whereas utilizing data-based strategies to guarantee the robustness and safety of robot remains an open problem nowadays. This special session focuses on (but not limit to) data-driven control for intelligent robots with closed-loop performance guarantees in the presence of unknown uncertainties and with smart rigidsoft coupling structures.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning-based control for robots and manipulators
  • Neural-feedbacked control for robots and manipulators
  • Model predictive control for robots and manipulators
  • Formal analysis and verification of safety-critical robots
  • Data-driven control for robots and manipulators
  • Event-triggered control for robots and manipulators
  • Data-driven anomaly detection and identification for robots and manipulators
  • Learning-based life prediction for robots and manipulators
  • Performance degradation evaluation for robots and manipulators
  • Performance-supervised / performance-oriented monitoring

Submission Procedure:

All the instructions for paper submission are included in our Paper Submission page.


Full paper submission: March 15, 2023

Work-in-progress paper submission: March 31, 2023

Paper acceptance notification: April 15, 2023

Camera-ready paper submission: April 30, 2023